SPRING 2016 Workshop Schedule

We have an exciting program planned for this SPRING! Come join us beginning January 22!

Spring Schedule 2016

January 22. Julia Woesthoff, Associate Professor of History, DePaul University

“Race, Religion, Nation: Debating Intermarriage in 1960s West Germany”

February 19. Diana Mincyte, Assistant Professor, Department of Social
Science. New York City College of Technology, CUNY.

“Gender Politics in the Shadows: The Racialization of the Rural/Urban Divide in Europeanizing Lithuania?”

March 11. Dr. Jessica Zychowicz, Postdoctoral Fellow, Munk School,
University of Toronto.

“Why Art Now? Kyiv Artists’ Visual Narratives of Identity, Gender, and Conflict in Ukraine”

April 15. Carol Silverman, Professor, University of Oregon,
Department of Anthropology and Folklore Program

“Gendered Migration of Muslim Balkan Roma: Work, Sexuality, and Ritual in NY and Germany”

May 20. Dr. Indira Kajosevic Skoric, Ph.D. Adjunct, Kingsborough
Community College, CUNY and SUNY/Plattsburg

“The Women’s Court and Gender Justice after the Last Wars in the Western Balkans”


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